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Продажа бетонного завода Fabo Minimix 30
Если вы хотите купить бетонный завод Fabo Minimix 30 в Измире и не нашли подходящего предложения в списке объявлений, оставьте заявку – и продавцы сами свяжутся с вами!
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Fabo Minimix 30 новый 2023 г.в.

Цена по запросу
30.03.23 1445
Год выпуска
+90 54● ●●● ●● ●●
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*All of our products are made with care and covered for 1 year warranty!
*Installation and Operator Training FREE
In this period when many products are mobilized and cost items are underestimated due to the current era, we continue to offer solution-oriented projects to our customers' concerns. As FABO Company, to reduce investment costs of our clients and provide them with quality service, we offer our new Innovative MiniMix-30 Model with affordable prices, which can be shipped by only one container. This plant, which is constructed completely by new parts on a new platform, has an economic structure and can be used to produce concrete mixture according to international standards on projects which require fairly moderate amount of concrete.
Advantages of Mobile Minimix Concrete Batching Plant;
- Cost effective shipping to overseas with 1 x 40 ft OT Container along with all its equipment’s
- Minimizing installation area of the plant
- Transportable by towing on roads
- Can be installed, reinstalled and transported in a very short period of time.
- Ready Concrete Mixture conveyed by feeding conveyor to concrete mixing truck
- According to the amount of the used concrete can be used Big Bag or small Bolted Silo
- By complete automatic system can be produced homogeneous concrete
- Compact structure allows quick maintenance and service, also low investment cost
Minimix model plant consists of following parts:
-Production capacity: 30 m3
-Aggregate Bunker :4 x 5m3
-Aggregate Weighing Hopper: 1m3
-Aggregate transfer conveyor: 600 x 4250mm
-Ready mixture transfer conveyor: 600 x 12000mm
-Pan Mixer:0.5m3
-Cement Weighing Hopper: 300 kg
-Water Weighing Hopper : 200 lt
-Admixture Weighing Hopper :20 kg
-Air compressor: 300 lt
- Optionally, Big Bag Blasting or 30 Ton Bolted Silo
- Electrical switchboard consisting of Siemens switchgear
- PLC Automation System
Продавец: FABO
✓ 3 года на площадке
Фактический адрес: Турция, Измир провинция,
Измир, Язибаши 231/1 улиц. 1
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